Antoine Martel is a Canadian American composer, producer, arranger, keyboardist (synths & ableton too), guitarist, singer, songwriter, videographer/editor, and music teacher living in the largest city in the Evergreen State.


A composer/producer first and foremost, Antoine is always looking for opportunities to create original music. Alex Cherney hired him in 2018 to score his upcoming feature "Santamaria" and he has begun a second collaboration scoring a yet unreleased documentary based in Alaska. He also keeps busy performing and touring (west coast USA & Japan) with a slew of projects including High Pulpsunkingdentaru no tsuba, and goes by the name of sous chef for his solo work. A part time freelancer & frequent collaborator with the likes of bobbygrooves, Sly Puffin, Deemo, Jordan Lowe, Dero, Watson Moon, Gabija & The Blue Gleams, and more, keep an eye out for his name on your favorite local band's record. 

As a guitar & keyboard/piano instructor at Music Works NW, he is always excited to share his love and passion for music with others. 

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