What are people saying about any of this...

"His single off of his upcoming album, 4 of 5, is a breezy Decemberist-type tune with a cool switch to a rim shot bridge and ensuing stand out flute solo" - Jesse Chreatchman (Hot Soup)

"You will immediately feel seduced by the warm, organic sound and the richness of the arrangement, but it's the singers who steal the show, with the deep, beautiful tones and colors of their voices...[Grove of the Patriarchs]" - Antonis (Prog Archives)

​"'The Miller and the Painted Lady' and 'Change' are certainly two tracks I'll revisit again and again, while the breadth of instruments and the production value holding them together was very satisfying to hear." - Rich (11 is louder than 10)

"I can’t remember the last time I heard a saxophone used in rock music as effectively as it is on the ‘Fox and the Hound’, one of two tracks available for free download on the group’s Bandcamp site. The song goes through many different sections, reminding me of a folk ballad, the musical tale of an epic journey, or, judging by the sombre tone of the track, an epic tragedy." - Jodi (Not Like Us)

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