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cook county//v.f.#1// (full visual album)

sous chef [2017]:

 The full visual album for cook county//v.f.#1// by sous chef. A collection of vignettes translating musical ideas & themes to film. Made in collaboration with Alfaro-Karapli fillms, All You Can Pray Buffet, Chris Gatrell, Sly Puffin, Jeremy Woolsey


Dave's Dream (warehouse sessions)

High Pulp [2018]:

Filmed by Trevor Crump, Josh Chin, Phil Homan.

Edited by Phil Homan. 



sunking [2018]:

Film by Sara Jade Alfaro & Maria Sartzetaki.
Music by sunking.


Akumu (Live at the Moon)

dentaru no tsuba [2016]:

 filmed by Trevor Crump, Mark McCrae , edited by Antoine Martel

Last N. American perf. of dentaru no tsuba, [1 of 6], original song


Purity (official video)

Dog Mountain [2017]:

Edited by Dog Mountain and Antoine Martel

found footage combined with the music of Dog Mountain


Smooth (Basement Sessions)

High Pulp [2017]:

 filmed by Trevor Crump, Josh Chin, edited by Antoine Martel

Facebook - [1 of 3]


Hookai (Live at Neumos)

High Pulp [2017]:

 filmed by Trevor Crump, Josh Chin, Phil Homan, edited by Antoine Martel, Facebook: [1 of 4]


cominup (official video)

sous chef [2016]:

 Directed & Produced by: sous chef

found footage


cruisin' (official video)

sous chef [2016]:

 Directed & Produced by: sous chef

found footage


hitotsubu no namida

dentaru no tsuba (cover) [2016]:

 Directed & Produced by: Antoine Martel

Staring Jeremy Woolsey, Bunny Lee, & dentaru no tsuba


nostalgialand (official video)

sous chef [2016]:

 Directed & Produced by: sous chef

found footage


kanashikute live

dentaru no tsuba (cover) [2016]:

Rob Granfelt - Drums, Antoine Martel - Keys, Dan Voss - Bass, Jeremy Woolsey - Guitar

Filmed by Tsubasa Kato & Yukair Hilano [1 of 3]


dentatru no Tsuba (cover) [2016]:

Filmed, edited, & produced by Tsubasa Kato & Yukari Hilano.


dentaru no tsuba (cover) [2016]:

EDIT : Rin Takizawa ( (footage from NHK Creative Library "From 1970")

gondora no uta

dentaru no tsuba (cover) [2016]: 

Directed by: Ethan Herdrich

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